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Frequently Asked Questions

What is meant by Scopus indexing and how do I know if a conference or journal is Scopus indexed?

Kalle Piirainen, Researcher and a reviewer, innovation studies and foresight

As said in the other answer, indexing is considered a sort of seal of approval. Historically it most often referred to indexing in the ISI Web of Knowledge citation database, as in a journal is an 'ISI journal', perhaps because WoK was the first such DB and is used for the Journal Impact Factor. It's just the same in the case of SCOPUS journals; same principle, different brand name.

As such indexing in whatever database does not yet mean much anything, because the search and indexing services do not as such judge the quality of the journals beyond a basic check of track record, and for the sake of completeness include many journals and proceedings that are not of stellar quality. However what brings significance and prestige to these indexing stamps is that in Western academia a lot of people and tenure committees don't even count publications that are not  in ISI indexed journals.

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